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Design and Development of Machine Vision Systems

Imaging Applications

Innovision is askilful Company providing consulting, design and implementation of Customised Machine Vision Systems - according to Quality Standard ISO 9001 – to all of those Companies that are going to enlarge their business, with the aid of a competent Partner for all imaging applications.

Launch a fully automated control in the Industry.
Our Machine Vision Systems are extreme technology based. Newest cameras and image processing tools assure total quality in all manufacturing processes (Customer satisfaction warranty), and production standardisation (more business - enlarge market opportunities).

Vision Guiding Robot

3D and Digital Restoring

The Machine Vision Systems
Innovision’s applications are especially suitable for the following Industry divisions:
Food, Automotive, Electronic, Mechanic, Moulding, Textile.

  • Machine Vision Guiding Robot for Palletizing, Pick and Place, Assembly and Welding
    Applications: Palletizing, Automated Packaging, Positioning and Orientation Detection.

  • Quality Control, Failure and Defect Detection
    Applications: Machine Vision Systems with Statistic Tools, Customised Database and User Interface.

  • Automated Process, Machining and Packaging Control
    MVS for Manufacturing and Machining processes, Conveyor Tracking and Process Inspection.

  • Bar, Matrix, Alphanumeric and Colour Code Identification
    MVS for Code Reading and Identification, Object Location and Batch Code Assignment.

  • Dimensional Control, Section, Size, Shape and Appearance Verification
    Dimensional control MVS for parts and components, Specific measure detection (with fixed tolerances), Density, diameter and weight Detection systems.

  • 3D and Digital Restoring for Objects, Handmade and Ancient document

  • Digital Video Recording
    Tattile for industrial imaging

    Software and Harware
    Software in our PC - Systems is equipped with a Windows interface, appropriately suited in order to reach the best Customer satisfaction.
    All applications are designed with an excellent Hardware, the best and most skilled in the market.

    Partner of Tattile for Industrial Applications
    Tattile offers a wide range of open products and systems dedicated to industrial imaging, which can be easily combined and programmed into efficient solutions.

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